Dvc House, Vehari, has been established in June 2000 in intention to propagate Information Technology and Management Sciences education in District Vehari. In Year 2000, the Institute became member of Pakistan Software Export Board, Ministry of Science & Technology, Islamabad vide registered # Z-25-0354/00 named as “Dotcom Vivid Computer House”. The institute is also has distinction to be the first Software House in Vehari District. From the year 2000 up till now hundreds of students has been educated in this institute and had gotten the benefits of the advance education of computer sciences. A lot of software and IT force has been prepared in the software house. In the year 2001, Dvc House registered with Education Department, Govt. of Punjab, collaborating with Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad for Commerce, Computer & Management Sciences Programs. In the year 2015, Dvc House collaborated with NAVTTC (National Vocational and Technical Training Commission, Islamabad) for Short Term Skill Development Program in the field of IT, Commerce and Management Sciences.

Dotcom Vivid Computer College, Vehari (DVC) is highly specialized school of computer sciences, Commerce and management sciences being run under the DVC House, Vehari, an organization managed by the Board of Governors. DVC is highly reputable and efficient institute committed to provide quality education in the fields of higher learning & Professional Courses. It is dedicated to cause of producing the most professional computer scientists, Technical Assistants and managers in the country. In scientifically planned environment, DVC is engaged in making luxurious and regimented efforts to prepare a selected body of students for leadership positions in highly challengeable, complex and competitive world of hi-tech profession. DVC exposes students to broad spectrum of knowledge and experimentation that in calculates and augments their critical thinking, analytical skills, positive attitude, effective communication and constructive outlook.




              DVC House has elected to focus its efforts as a board on the following objective: -

*             Build a strong public image for the IT industry in Pakistan.

*             To develop an educational institute, that will serve as an instrument of economic and social transformation  

               In Pakistan.

*            Aid in the formulation of an active IT company capital availability program.

*             To provide equal opportunities of education both to male and female and especially to the females of poor


*             Strengthen our strategic alliances & working relationships with national, regional statewide and local IT

               and business development organizations.

*             To build national confidence through the achievement of professional excellence and technical competence.

*             To uphold Islamic values and preserve our culture and sacred traditions.

*             To provide healthy environment for the citizen & to create discipline. 




Presently the institute consists of Two well furnished Air Condition Modern Computer Labs dedicated with DC 8000 (Intel Original), 3.1GHz Computers and a DNS/DHCP server, five spacious classrooms equipped with latest audio visual facilities, Multimedia Projector, Information research center, internet facilities, one library containing hundreds of books on numerous subject with ample of sitting capacity, four well furnished offices and ample car parking facilities which provide custom built. Infrastructure to achieve the mission and object of DVC house, faculty and facilities, the institute has become a most popular institute of the District.

Academic Programs

Degree Programs Under Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

·         BS(CS)

·         PGD (CS)

·         M.Com(Accounting & Finance)

·         MBA-3.5 (IT, Banking and Finance, HRM, Marketing Management)

·         MBA-2.5 (IT, Banking and Finance, HRM, Marketing Management)

·         MBA (Executive), With the Collaboration of Common Wealth Of Learning, Canada

·         MPA (Executive), With the Collaboration of Common Wealth Of Learning, Canada

Short Courses under Prime Minister Youth Skill Development Program (NAVTTC , Islamabad)

·         Diploma in Computer Applications

·         Diploma in Computerized Accounting

·         Diploma in Graphic Designing

·         Diploma in Accounting & Book Keeping

·         Diploma in Merchandising Management Techniques.

·         Diploma in Accountancy and Entrepreneurship.

Short Courses Under DVC House, Vehari

          DCA       (Diploma in Computer Applications)

          DIT         (Diploma in Information Technology)

          DMS      (Diploma in Management Sciences)

         TOEFL   (Testing of English as a Foreign Language -Spoken English Program)

         COA        Certification in Oracle Applications

        DDA         Diploma in Database Applications

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